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  • Lv.4 Thief

Thieves are very fast and focus on ressources. This makes them perfect for weaker towns, if ressources are the main target and winning is not important. For stronger towns, they can still serve as cheap decoys to keep fire away from better troops.

Favorite Target Resource
Damage Type Single Target
Targets Ground
Housing Space 1
Training time 18S
Moving speed 300

Stars Damage Hitpoints Training Cost Upgrade Time Upgrade Cost
0 100 300 25 -- --
1 130 360 40 1D 50,000
2 180 430 60 2D
3 230 520 80 3D 750,000
4 300 620 100 5D 2,250,000

Note: Upgrade Time/Cost shown for each level are the time/cost to attain that level.

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