Commanders of Evony almost requires players to join an alliance. The benefits are so overwhelming, it is difficult to progress much without alliance bonuses to build speed and resources.  Additionally, the daily quests can not be completed without an alliance. The daily quests are currently the most reliable to get more teleports.

Each player is only strong as the alliance that stands behind them.  Choosing a good alliance is very important for an enjoyable gameplay.


  1. Host - add/remove/invite members, change member positions, merge alliance, upgrade alliance, edit alliance info, edit Diplomatic Status , alliance bonuses
  2. Vice Host - add/remove/invite members,change presbyter positions, edit alliance info, edit Diplomatic Status , alliance bonuses
  3. Presbyter - invite members, alliance bonuses
  4. Member - alliance bonuses


Guild funds are collected through daily Donations.  Once enough funds have been collected, the Host can click the Upgrade button in their Alliance->Information window to begin the upgrade.

Upgrade Costs and Benefits
Level Members Resource Bonus Vice Hosts Presbyters Cost Time
1 30 +5% 1 40,000* Instant
2 40 +10% 5 500 12H
3 60 +15% 7,000 8D 4H
4 80 +20% 7 50,000 16D 12H
5 100 +25% 2 200,000 26D 2H
6 110 +30% 350,000 38D 12H
7 120 +35% 1,060,000 52D
8 130 +40% 3M 92D
9 140 +45% 4.8M 95D
10 150 +50% 15M 165D


When Alliance host is inactive for more than 15 days, any Alliance member can spend 100 gems on Impeaching and become the new Host.

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